About Us

DeltaPrima Metering Sdn Bhd  was incorporated in Malaysia on 27 December 2012 as a private limited company.webicon It is also a company under the Damini Corporation Sdn Bhd.’s group of companies. Our main focus to produce high quality products with continuous research and development to meet the current and future metering solutions.

More recently the trend in the metering industry has become very technology based with the introduction of concepts such as Remote Metering, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart Metering or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

It is in these fields that DeltaPrima Metering  excel as a result of the strong technology based foundation that exists in the company. In-house developed systems for sustained accuracy, high quality and features that helped revenue protection were a trademark of the products from DeltaPrima Metering.

These enabled utilities to reduce their commercial losses and improve energy management. dpmsbOfficeOnline electricity (smart metering or AMI) and prepaid metering as well as automated meter reading systems are a few of the focus points at present.

Being in the product and service provider environment, DeltaPrima Metering have gone to great lengths to ensure that the end client user is the focal point of our business.

At DeltaPrima Metering Sdn Bhd our motto is :